Breathable waterproof reusable surgical gown
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Breathable waterproof reusable surgical gown

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Surgical Gown washable and breathable.

Made with knitted interlock. Elastic overlock safety point. Six straps sewn to close the gown (2 height at the nape, 4 at the hips). Elasticated cuffs.


WEIGHT : 95 g / m2 (65g polyester, 19g polyurethane membrane and 11g reactive polyurethane glue)

WATER REPELLENCE :& gt; 500 cm / H2OR UNE EN ISO 20811: 1993

BREATHABILITY:    & gt; 150 g / m2·24h BS 7209: 1990


COLOR: White

Shipping in 15 working days


- EN 34032003 And EN ISO 1368822013 general requirements.
-EN 13034: 2005 + A1: 2009 as chemical protective clothing (type [PB6])sulfuric acid (30%) with levels (313),
sodium hydroxide (10%) with levels (313),O-xylene with levels (213) andI-butanol with levels (313).
-EN 1412622003 / AC: 2004 protection against infectious agents (type PB6-B), being for the resistance to the penetration of contaminated liquids (Class 6),Resistance to the penetration of biological agentsby mechanical contact with substances containing contaminated liquids (class 2).
(Tests carried out after 30 washing cycles at 75°)

- OEKOT-TEX® Class I; OEKO-TEX Class II ; 2018OK1127 AITEX / 2002AN4162 AITEX


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