Coats for visitors
Coats for visitors
Coats for visitors
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Coats for visitors

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The disposable gown made of breathable polypropylene fabric (T.N.T.) of the SPUNBOND type. Closed at the back with a special lace and belt at the waist that allows you to adjust the fit.

Intended use: particularly suitable as equipment for visitors, operands or coverage of patients in diagnostic tests, minor surgery. Ideal for uses such as beauty centers, physical therapies, spas and gymnasiums, industry, nursing homes.

Sterile: NO
Single use: YES
Breathable: YES
Water repellent: YES
Composition: 100% Polypropylene (T.N.T.) breathable
Weight: 20 g / m2
Overall length: cm. 130
Overall circumference: cm. 140
Sleeve length: cm. 65

CE classification: class I non sterile and without measurement functions.

Color: white
Measure: only

Disposal methods: The gown can be disposed of in the undifferentiated collection, with the exception of the case in which it comes into contact with chemical substances and / or biological liquids; in this case, disposal takes place according to the regulations in force.

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